The Fažana Riviera was one of the first in the Mediterranean to make use of its beauties to promote nautical tourism. It was very often the case that two-masted coasters known as "TRABAKULI" sailed along the coast during summer months without cargo such as wood or wine and were in fact converted into "CRUISING SAILBOATS". There was time for fishing in the morning, swimming during the day and singing and dancing at night. One of the first yacht clubs in Pula "YACHT GESCHWADER", founded by Austro-Hungarian naval officers greatly contributed to the popularization of sailing in this area.

Many regattas were held and so attracted the élite from entire Europe to our coast. In this way Pula, Brijuni and the Fažana Channel became important destinations for yachtsmen and all sea lovers. In August 1896, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the yacht club "PIETAS IULIA from Pula, a sailing regatta was held in the Fažana Channel. The participants included crews of "Pietas Iulia" from Pula, "Adriatico" from Poreč, "Salvore" from Piran and "Libertas" from Kopar.

Adelchi Pelaschieri (father of the famous Italian yachtsman Mauro Pelaschieri, skipper of "AZZURA", competing in the unforgettable challenge against "AUSTRALIA II" in the America's Cup semi-finals held in Newport, USA) was born in Fažana in 1921. Pelaschieri spent his childhood fishing and sailing in the waters of Fažana. In the prewar years, being of age, he hoisted the sails on his small boat and set off towards Monfalcone where he found a job. His great love for the sea and sailing was crowned with the Olympic gold medal in the FINN class, as well as numerous victories told by "ALBO D'ORO" at the YC "SWOCH" in Monfalcone.