Saturday, 10. June 2017.

18,30 Fažana's waterfront

Folklore festival of Istrian primary schools, presentation of children's culture: games, counting games, toys, everyday objects, stories... and presentation of traditional toys and musical instruments

Is there anything quite as beautiful as the great bond between tradition and youth? Promoting such friendship through music and dance is an unforgettable experience for the participants and audience.



Parade march along the streets of Fažana to the Square of SS. Cosmas and Damian

Opening ceremony and performance of folklore groups, dancers and singers from all parts of Istria presention of Istrian children's culture

Presenting the children's world of the 20th century: counting games, toys, everyday objects, stories

Creative workshops:
- Making old-fashioned toys: rag balls and dolls
- making traditional children's toys - making folk instruments
- making Istrian cultural heritage motifs and workshop for making "kažuni"
-dry stone field huts